How to Train a Weimaraner

Many people wonder how to train a Weimaraner – the sleek, majestic, and entirely too energetic German hunting dog that can drive many owners to their wits’ end.

For the most part, there are no special requirements for those that own this particular breed of dog over any others. So, early socializing, basic obedience training and the presence of a strong alpha leader will all help immensely.

How to Train a Weimaraner Puppy

When you first bring your how to train a Weimaraner puppy home, the first task is to ensure your puppy gets the socialization and interaction needed for early development.

Between 8-14 weeks of age, all dogs go through a development period where they learn not to bite, how to act toward other dogs, and how to interact with people. It is during this phase that a puppy also goes through fear imprinting.

So, if your puppy sits at home and is regularly scared by loud noises with few people nearby for attention, they will grow anxious, fearful, and possibly aggressive.

However, if you take them to dog parks to socialize with other puppies, spend time with your friends and family, and introduce him to the family cat, you will establish a well-balanced outlook on the world that your puppy can use as he grows older.

In addition to socialization, you should start crate training as soon as your puppy is old enough to go more than an hour or two without making a mess. Dogs naturally don’t want to make messes in their den. The problem is that your house is huge and the dog has no sense of indoor vs. outdoor.

By giving him a crate you provide a space of his own that can be kept clean and safe. Always start with short periods of time, but work your way up to longer stretches, upwards of a few hours and then sleeping through the night in which the dog can stay in the crate.

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Obedience and Clicker Training

There are many ways how to train a how to train a Weimaraner, but obedience and clicker training are the simplest and easiest. You should start basic obedience training for a Weimaraner at a young age – usually around 12 weeks, when the puppy has enough of an attention span to follow through but is still youthful enough to imprint easily.

This is the age where you will set boundaries for your puppy and teach the household how to be consistent with the rules. If you don’t want your Weimaraner climbing on furniture, in the kitchen, begging for food, or on your bed, you can set these boundaries now and follow through with calm, assertive commands.

Clicker training will then allow you to generate a strong set of initial commands for your dog. These commands might include “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “speak”, or “shake”. Some commands are fun, but many of them are actually for the dog’s safety, as you’ll learn when you start leash training.

Maintaining Training in Older Age

To maintain your training as the dog ages, make sure to spend a lot of time with them, and always remain consistent. Those wanting to learn how to train a Weimaraner over two years of age should use the same methods outlined above, but with a lot more patience and a stronger personality.

The odds are that if early training didn’t take, it is because you were not confident and in charge enough. Your dog needs that alpha presence to know that you are in charge and your commands must be followed. If done right, your Weimaraner should be a close, loyal friend for years to come.

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