Train Weimaraner

To train Weimaraners, you must first understand what makes these dogs unique compared to others. It starts with a basic understanding of what they need. Dogs need structure.

They need a strong leadership figure in their pack who will lay out what is okay and what is not. To them, that figure is someone who will protect them from the dangers of life. Without it, they grow agitated, anxious, and occasionally aggressive.

How to be the Alpha Figure

To train Weimaraners, you will need to establish your presence as the alpha in your home as soon as possible. What this means is that you will need to set boundaries for your Weimaraner that cannot be easily ignored.

For a lot of dog owners, those boundaries are harder for them than for the dog. After all, why should such a cute, cuddly little guy be treated any differently?

But, it needs to start at a young age. Dogs are most impressionable between 8 and 14 weeks of age, when they are taught in a pack not to bite, who is in charge, and what the general rules are. If you fail to set these boundaries early, you can still do it later, but it will be much harder.

To be the alpha, start by showing your dog you are serious about commands. This does not mean you should show anger or violence to your puppy, however. In fact, that’s the last thing you want. Being overly aggressive in response to your dog will cause him to grow fearful and responsive, possibly worsening his behavior.

So, you must remain calm, assertive and consistent. Set boundaries and follow through with them whenever possible. If you don’t want your dog on the couch, never let your dog get on the couch. The same goes for walking, feeding times, treats, and everything else.

Other keys to remember include not feeding your dog food from your plate, not letting your dog on your bed, and leash training you dog to walk at your side, not ten feet in front of you.

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Obedience Train Weimaraner Dogs

The next step in training a Weimaraner is obedience training. This does not need to be the overwhelming chore you expect it to be. Sure, these are not exactly the easiest dogs in the world to hold the attention of, but they are in fact quite intelligent, so when you get through to them they will learn extremely quickly.

So, always make sure your Weimaraner gets enough exercise. Secondly, be sure to spend enough time with them. That 8-14 week period we discussed earlier is also the time in which they need to be socialized – both with you and with other dogs.

If you fail to socialize a puppy in those crucial weeks, they can become anxious and aggressive towards both people and dogs – something Weimaraners are especially prone to.

To train Weimaraner tricks, make sure to start with the basics. Most Weimaraners are incredibly intelligent, which means they learn fast, but as puppies, they’re as hard to contain as any dogs.

You’ll need to give them a reason to focus with treats and affection, and keep your training sessions as short as possible – no more than ten or fifteen minutes at a time.

For a dog like the Weimaraner, the goal is to make it so they have no choice but to succeed. If you set them up where they could fail, training becomes significantly harder. With that in mind, have fun. When you train Weimaraner dogs, you have an opportunity to make a lasting impression that will ingratiate that dog to you for the rest of his life.

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