Training Weimaraner Puppies

Training Weimaraner puppies can be a lot of fun if you have a solid, well outlined plan in front of you from day one. Don’t let the potential for future issues make your nervous about current training routines. Just spending time with your puppy and watching him grow will go a long way in making sure he grows to be a well-balanced, well trained animal.

The Early Weeks

Between 8-14 weeks of age, your puppy will be the most impressionable. That’s why training Weimaraner puppies should start immediately. If your puppy is still younger than 8 weeks for any reason, you should wait until they reach the two month mark. Earlier than that and it’s hard to expect anything from them.

In those first two months, you should establish a steady daily schedule. This will give the dog a sense of structure in your home and allow them to relax and follow your lead. Feed them daily, taking away the food between meals so they learn to eat it all at once.

Give them a set walk time and a set bed time. You may even start to place them in a crate throughout the day for short breaks. These should also be set times.

Early on, you won’t be able to teach your puppy many commands, but they should quickly learn what “No!” and “Good” mean. Use these liberally whenever the dog does something good or bad. Remember to avoid any violence or yelling, however.

Your puppy has not been properly trained yet. Training Weimaraner puppies is easier if you have realistic expectations and don’t punish them for things they have no concept of yet.

Additionally, this is the stage in which they learn not to bite and to be respectful of authority figures. For this reason, don’t allow your puppy to nip at you or take things from your hand without permission. No matter how cute or small they may be, their pack needs to teach them that biting is bad.

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Training Weimaraner puppies starts easily enough, but soon advances to more complex commands and expectations. By three months, you should be housebreaking or have housebroken your puppy using a crate to train them.

This is the ideal age to start teaching them basic commands using your clicker. Some basic commands you should teach your puppy at this age include sitting, laying down, coming when called, responding to his name, waiting by the door, speaking and being “quiet”, and to give or drop whatever is in their mouth.

It may sound like a lot, but training Weimaraner puppies will allow you to teach all of these commands at a very young age. Don’t forget the value of your clicker and the ability to assert yourself as the leader of the pack – a position your puppy should by now fully recognize and respect.

Older Age

As your puppy approaches adulthood, he will begin to form into the personality you will live with for the next 10 years or so. Training Weimaraner puppies should be completed by now.

They should know how to walk on a leash, go potty outside, listen to basic commands, and recognize when they’ve made mistakes. If they can do these things, it is time to start teaching more advanced commands like “fetch”, “shake” or “turn” – all fun things for a dog and its owner.

Your Weimaraner is a smart dog – I can guarantee that. However, if you want him to be a smart and well behaved dog, you need to start the training process as early as possible, remain consistent throughout and measure those results on a regular basis. Do that and you can be sure he will be a pleasure to spend time with for the next decade or so.